Geophysical methods
for petroleum exploration

Ore-bearing structure definition
Resource evaluation



 shale gas prospecting;

magnetotelluric surveys MT

Detecting rock voids and cavities
Sinkholes hazard assessment


Magnetotelluric surveys
geothermal exploration



AGH University of Science and Technology gravity surveys
AGP Metro Polska GPR ground penetrating radar surveys for metro line extension
Agricultural Property Agency, Poland industrial minerals & aggregates prospecting
Bielarnia HESSA sp. z o.o. MT & VLF surveys for geothermal exploration
Centre of Excellence for Geothermal Energy PDPU, INDIA 2D/3D MT surveys for geothermal exploration
Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd. audio-magnetotelluric surveys for water resources prospecting
Efir Energy sp. z o.o. magnetic & ERT surveys for minerals exploration
EKO-WOD sp. z o.o. geophysical levees inspection 
Geodynamics Worldwide, Italy passive seismic project 
GEOFIZYKA TORUŃ S.A. gravity surveys 
Geological Institute, Slovak Academy of Science cooperation 
GeoSpectrum MASW seismic surveys for road inspection
GEOTEKO Ltd.  ERT surveys for construction of new expressway
Health Resort Busko-Zdrój Co.  magnetotelluric surveys for mineral water exploration 
HPC Harres Pickel Consult AG magnetotelluric surveys for water resources exploration
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Poland geophysical levees inspection 
ION Geophysical GeoVentures magnetotelluric surveys 
KELLER Polska sp. z o.o. mapping of sub-surface voids - microgravity surveys
KGHM Cuprum sp. z o.o. geophysical surveys for minerals exploration 
KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. magnetotelluric & IP surveys 
KORAL s.r.o., SLOVAKIA magnetotelluric AMT-CSAMT & IP surveys 
KREZUS S.A. VES electrical surveys for gold & bauxite exploration
MH-GEO s.c. shallow seismic MASW surveys for wind farm site inspection
Midach PPW sp. z o.o. mapping of sub-surface voids - microgravity surveys 
Mozów Copper Ltd. magnetotelluric surveys for copper exploration 
NAFTA a.s., SLOVAKIA magnetotelluric surveys for petroleum industry
Non-ferrours Metals Works "Szopienice" sozology surveys (spectrometic & geoelectrical)
OCULIS sp. z o.o. pre-seismic acquisition scouting
Ostrzeszów Copper Ltd. magnetotelluric surveys for copper exploration
PAN INDIA Consultants PVT Ltd. gravity & magnetic surveys for petroleum industry
PCC Silicum SA ERT surveys 
PGNiG Polish Oil & Gas Company  gravity & magnetotelluric surveys 
Pokój Commune magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal exploration
PGI Polish Geological Institute  gravity surveys;  ERT & shallow seismic landslides inspection
Przedsiębiorstwo Geologiczne S.A. w Krakowie gravity surveys for hydro-geological project|
ROMGAZ S.A., Romania complex geophysical study for hydrocarbon exploration
RELPOL SA archaeological inspection - GPR surveys 
SORTPOL sp. z o.o. ERT surveys for industrial minerals & aggregates exploration 
WAHA OIL COMPANY, Libya gravity surveys for hydrocarbon exploration
Urząd GminyZawoja Commune Office   magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal exploration
Urząd Miasta Jaworzno Municipal Office sozology surveys - geophysical minitoring of contaminated soils
Urząd Miasta Kielce Municipal Office  complex geophysical surveys for archaeological inspection 
Urząd Gminy Sarnaki Commune Office VES soundings for water resources exploration



  • PBG Ltd. was awarded the first prize for the service of integrated geophysical investigations with the use of gravity and magnetotelluric together with integrated interpretation of data for petroleum exploration (International Fairs GEOLOGIA, Warsaw)
  • First prize for PBG Ltd. for its geophysical services to archaeology (International Fairs GEOLOGIA, Warsaw)
  • PBG Ltd. was awarded GRAND PRIX for the service of geophysical geo-hazards detection and monitoring (International Fairs GEOLOGIA)
  • GRAND PRIX for the service of geophysical water resources exploration and protection - detection and monitoring of contamination (International Fairs GEOLOGIA, Warsaw)



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