Geophysical methods
for petroleum exploration

Ore-bearing structure definition
Resource evaluation



 shale gas prospecting;

magnetotelluric surveys MT

Detecting rock voids and cavities
Sinkholes hazard assessment


Magnetotelluric surveys
geothermal exploration




gpr geophysical surveying   geophysical surveys   geophysical surveys

PBG’s team carries out geophysical surveys to recognize underground structures of Osówka Complex, part of Nazi Riese projects (1943-45) in the Owl Mountains, Poland; footage was shot for A&E Television Networks.


geophysical surveys to locate Nazi gold train   geophysical surveys to locate Nazi gold train   geophysical surveys to locate Nazi gold train

LUCKY8TV crew is filming scenes of geophysical surveys conducted by PBG’s team; footage has been shot for DISCOVERY SCIENCE CHANNEL for an episode related to Nazi Germany Project Riese (1943-45) and Walbrzych gold train (Poland, Owl Mountains)  read more

geophysical surveys in Włodarz and Ksiaż underground complex   geophysical surveys in Włodarz and Ksiaż underground complex   geophysical surveys in Włodarz and Ksiaż underground complex

Geophysical investigations involving ERT resistivity tomography and shallow seismic methods were carried out in the Włodarz and Książ complexes  - parts of the underground Nazi Riese project in Owl Mountains (Poland); surveys aimed at locating unknown shafts and  tunnels

magnetotelluric surveys for water resources exploration   magnetotelluric surveys for water resources exploration   magnetotelluric surveys in Bulgaria    ​

Magnetotelluric surveys for water resources exploration realized in Bulgaria to recognize geological settings and fault zones down to 1000m depth, and point new drilling sites location; scope works included MT data acquisition, processing and interpretation (1D/2D inverrsion), 3D visualization; total profiles length 4km


electromagnetic conductivity surveys   geophysical surveys   area of geophysical surveys

Inspection of the bottom of Łosień artificial water reservoir for leaks detection; surveys were realized with the use of EM conductivity and ERT resistivity tomography method.


georadar site inspection (metro in Warsaw)   EM conductivity surveys to locate underground utilities   EM conductivity surveys to locate underground utilities

GPR surveys on the area of 2nd metro line section in Warsaw (right) - geophysical surveys aimed at  detecting underground empty structures and elements of underground infrastructure; to locate remains of old pipeline system EM conductivity surveys were performed (center/left fotos)     


VES surveys for water resources   VES surveys for water resources   VES surveys for water resources

VES electrical surveys for water bearing structures definition and new drilling sites location 


2016 - 2014

geophysical surveys in Kosovo   geophysical surveys in Kosovo  gravity surveys in Kosovo    

Geophysical surveys in Kosovo for metal ores exploration; the scope of works included gravity method (2500st.), magnetic surveys (4000st.) and EM conductivity method (5000st.) - data acquisition, processing and interpretation 

ERT surveys to identify range of polluted area   ERT surveys to map range of polluted area   XRF spectrometer metal analyzing

Sozology geophysical surveys for Non-Ferrous Metal Works HMN Szopienice (Poland); from the beginning of 2014 PBG conducted regular spectrometer metal analyzing and geophysical VES electrical surveys at the post-zinc landfill and its area; surveys were realized to support  landfill reclamation project 


GPR ground penetrating radar surveys for archaeology  GPR georadar surveys for archaeology 

Geophysical surveys for archaeological project on the area of Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum (left) and at the Kędzierzyn-Koźle castle. PBG Ltd. realized number of projects related to archaeology, as GPR searching for Copernicus' grave in the Frombork Cathedral, projects to identify locations of graves and crypts beneath the surface at the Jasna Góra Monastery and in the Wawel Royal Cathedral (GPR surveys). We started our adventure in geophysical archaeology in 1972 with the project in Carthage (Tunisia) performing geophysical works to support archaeological surveys, this in turn succeeded in the methodological field of implementation of geophysical methods in archaeology >>>more


 microgravity surveying to locate mine voids   microgravity surveying at post mine area   microgravity surveys; post-mine area

Microgravity surveying on the mining area to locate mine voids and old mining tunnels 


magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal exploration   magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal exploration   gravity surveys for hydrocarbon exploration

Geophysical surveys in India. In 2015 PBG completed 2D/3D magnetotelluric surveys for geothermal project (left, center); scope of works included MT data acquisition (total 255 MT soundings), processing and interpretation of data. Also in India, we have realized gravity and magnetic surveys for petroleum industry in 2000 and 2010 (right). 


magnetic surveys for hydrocarbon exploration project in Romania   magnetic surveys for hydrocarbon exploration project in Romania   geophysical surveys for hydrocarbon exploration in Romania

Complex geophysical investigations in Romania aimed at recognition of geological settings and tectonic features in searching for hydrocarbon traps; scope of works involved both MT data acquisition (500 MT soundings), gravity surveys (3750 st.) and magnetometric surveys (37500 st.) as well as data processing and interpretation  


VES surveys for minerlas exploration, Guinea   VES surveys for minerlas exploration, Guinea   gravity surveys for minerlas exploration in Senegal

Geophysical surveys in Guinea (2013/2014) for gold and bauxite exploration invlolved VES electrical soundings (2400 st.); also in 2014 we have realized gravity surveys  for minerals exploration in Senegal (right).


GPR rail trackbed inspection   GPR rail trackbed inspection   GPR rail trackbed inspection

 Rail trackbed inspection using GPR ground-penetrating radar method


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